Affordable Wedding Fashion

This past weekend my cousin was getting married and I had been on the search for the perfect ensemble to wear.  I had thought about wearing something out of my closet unless I find something within my budget and very fashion/versatile. While out shopping with my mom to find her dress I came across this simple but yet very elegant dress on the clearance rack for just $16!!!…..I couldn’t believe it but when we went to the register and saw the price on the screen we realized it was true.  This dress was apart of the material girl line in Macys.  It started out at $50(which I am not sure when exactly it debuted) then it made its way to the clearance rack in Macys….note to self: stop by the clearance rack in Macys to possibly find some gems.  The black pumps came from JcPenneys and they had a python matte print which I instantly fell in love with the moment I saw them because it was like nothing I currently had in my closet.  My grey fringe clutch purse was something I had picked up months ago in Ross on the clearance rack.

After finding the dress and shoes I knew the rest of the look was going to be just as easy.  I went to CVS and pick up my favorite/go to brand of press on nails KISS.  My friend put me onto press on nails a few months ago and since then I have not gone back to the nail salon for another full set!!!  Now every time I need some nails for a special event or even if I don’t have time to do my own manicure I use the press on nails while keeping my natural nails healthy underneath. When I went into CVS the KISS brand happened to be on sale buy 2 and 3rd free!…..which I ended up picking up a few other designs to keep on hand.

My hair was from a YouTube video I had seen from The Natural Sistas channel using kanekelon hair(from when I had done box braids) to make a faux elegant bun.  My makeup inspiration was also from a YouTube video of another favorite beauty blogger of mine Oh!MGlashes “halo makeup look” using the urban decay Gwen Stefani palette.

Overall,  I would suggest that before you go buying the first thing you see you should always take a quick peek at the clearance rack because you never know what you will find.

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Corporate Fashionista

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After working in a place where there was a standard uniform dress code for a little over two years, it was nice to get hired in a corporate office that the dress code is business casual.  The business casual attire allows for me to showcase my sense of style but keeping a professional presentation.  

So on my first day I decided to go in with a bang! I bought this skirt from the $5 and up rack at Sirens clothing store and it has been sitting in my closet for months waiting for an opportunity to wear it.  The morning of my orientation was when I made the decision to wear the skirt and decided to pair it with my favorite yellow blazer along with my 70s inspired pumps that I purchased from Target.

This entire look was inspired by Being Mary Jane’s season 1 look of the all black dress and bright colored jacket.  That look to me was very strong, sexy and chic all at the same time which is exactly the look I want to embody.  My style while at work is structured with a flare of personality which showcases my talent of mixing prints and pops of color.  

Corporate America is still very strict when it comes to the dress code but it has come a long way from where it was when you couldn’t even wear pants!  I personally love to wear my pencil skirts high waisted because having long legs and a long torso I look much longer and leaner.  The high waist and the stretch material in the skirts also works because being plus sized it will hug all my curves in all the right places.  My yellow blazer was also purchased from Sirens clothing store and I love how comfortable the material is. I have also included some photos of some other outfits that I have worn during my first week in Corporate America!



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