My name is Desire Figueroa aka Desire Couture and I officially started Desire Couture in 2007. My passion for fashion started as a little girl by making my own clothes for my barbies from the leftover fabric from my mothers sewing projects.  As a teen I worked on my skills to make clothing in order to become a fashion designer.  In college I worked many fashion shows and behind the scenes on many photo shoots and realized that styling was more of my niche. While although I worked with models I discovered my true passion lies with personal styling.  I started helping my friends put outfits together to go out and it instantly gave them confidence along with bringing them back to life.  Right then I knew I was meant to be a personal stylist to “real” people rather than work with models because the sense of fulfillment I felt was like no other.  


So I started desirecouture.com in 2016 which showcases my style tips and beauty tips while staying on a budget.  I like to think of myself as a “fashionista on a budget” and I like to share my tips and tricks to achieve great style without breaking the bank no matter your size.

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