NYX Orlando Store Opening

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NYX is an affordable makeup brand that has an amazing reputation of great quality products for a fraction of the price of the bigger brands such as Mac.  Prior to just a few months ago NYX was found in drugstores only but now they have been opening their own stores across the country.  This store opening was a weekend affair that started on Friday and ended on Sunday. Due to my schedule limitations I was only able to go to the event on Sunday which was great because although they were crazy busy it was manageable.

I had certain things already in mind that I wanted to purchase from the NYX cosmetic line that I had been seeing on beauty blogs and on Youtube but I still wanted to go because it was my first time going to a store opening.  I enjoyed the entire experience of waiting in line and being the first group to go into the store.  The only thing I had wished was that the store was a bit bigger and that they gave more free gifts for those who were there early.  The only thing that we received was a makeup bag that only had a #2 pencil and poprocks stick inside………they could have stepped up their game a bit.  I am happy though with my purchases and can’t wait until I use them.

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for my next blog post.


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